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Strawberries are grown in abundance in Mahableshwar, in the state of Maharashtra. It was only a matter of time before someone would think about making Strawberry Wine here. Yet, surprise, surprise, it wasn't until 2011 when team Wild Berry -nature lovers, and wine connoisseurs - decided to bring Strawberry Wine to India.

Wild Berry is Sangramsinh Nalawade and Sagar Parakhe dream of bringing fruit wine to India. Mr. Sangramsinh Nalawade has a wide experience in food industry. He has proved his mettle as a successful administrator of two of his own ventures; Sugar Mill ECO CANE SUGAR ENERGY LIMITED & Nalawade Dairies Ltd. Mr. Nalawade has always maintained quality and integrity in his business deeds, by constantly motivating rural farmers and facilitating employment to the rural youth force. With his experience in food industry, global vision and a leadership quality Mr. Nalawade brings in huge energy to Wild Berry.

A dream can be achieved with a desire and will power, but it needs strong support and a trust to makes it easier. Mr. Sagar B Parkhe is playing key role of Production management and QC in company. He has motivated and inspired the Wild Berry production team to achieve great success in a brand-dominated market. With the passion of working on fruit wine and with guided research and hard work on fruit processing he has achieved to introduce Indians first 100% pure fruit wine.

So, here it is. ‘Come On Charlie!’™, Sangramsinh’s, Sagar’s labour of love and of Dominic’s, who spent a good part of a year away from Canada - his homeland - to make India’s finest and purest Strawberry Wine.



A sneak peek into fruit wine.

Fruit Wine It is made from the juice of quality ripe fruit, not blended with grape wine or with added color or flavors. It is naturally fermented with yeast and derives all of its alcohol from natural fermentation of the ingredient fruit. The alcohol content in wine can vary, but typically, it has an alcohol level between 7 and 15%.

Difference Between Fruit and Grape Wine Although both fruit wines and grape wines are made by fermentation, fruit wines are usually chaptilized and special enzymes are added to increase its aromatic qualities, while grape wines are not. Fruit wines can be a little difficult to make due to the fact that more adjustments and balance is required than is needed with grape wines. In terms of food-matching and cuisine, most fruit wines tend to match better with Asian and spicier food such as Indian cuisine. Most grape wines, especially red wines match better with typical Western cuisine.

Importance of Unblended Fruit Wine There are many ways to make wines. With regards to fruit wine, they are made with concentrates, some juice, and some whole fruit. Others are a combination of these blended with grape wines that are readily available on the open market. Still, other wines are also made in a highly diluted manner and added with flavoring, often artificial. The best fruit wines are the ones made from whole fresh fruit, without dilution, and flavors. The wines of Wildberry are 100% pure, whole fruit wines.

Purity 100% pure fruit wine will have a natural flavor that is a true expression of the fruit stated on the bottle. A blended wine or flavor added wine will not have a natural taste if compared with a pure fruit wine. The flavors will be more muted and simple and lack complexity. A true wine lover and connoisseur will know the difference! It is that obvious!


Over the last few years, they have built their dream to establish one of the first fruit wineries in India and pride themselves to be makers of 100% pure fruit wine. They are committed to quality and I must say, the quality of fruit in the Wai area is top notch and rivals the quality of fruit I have found in many other parts of the world.


A tête-à-tête with

Dominic Rivard,

A World Renowned Wine Maker.


India's finest and purest fruit wine.

‘Come On Charlie!’™ is one flirty drink. It will tease your olfactory, water your mouth, and take you to a heightened sense of being. Not unlike Charles Xavier, the self-styled savoir of romantically tortured souls, after whom the wine is named after. 'Come On Charlie!'™ fosters romance, friendship, and unbound optimism.

Made from fresh and handpicked strawberries from the fields of Mahabaleshwar, 'Come On Charlie!'™ is an unblended masterpiece to be hailed as India's finest and purest Strawberry Wine.

The Product highlights

Territory: Wai, Maharashtra, India

Fruit Variety: Sweet Charlie

Style: Off-Dry, Pure Strawberry Wine

Alcohol: 11% v/v

Colour: Brilliant light pink colour, quite intense, pink-orange shades.

Vinfication: The strawberries, picked manually and fermented at cold temperatures with special aroma enhancing yeasts and enzymes, using a special production technique designed to meet the discerning tastes.

Serving Temperature: Well chilled, 9oC or below.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

This wine is specially designed to go well with most festive dishes, including Indian cuisine and all types of barbecues. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif and is an excellent partner to pastries, fruit and ice cream.

Winemaker’s notes:

A wonderfully aromatic wine that will be loved by wine lovers of all ages! Has a gorgeous and clean and pure strawberry aromas, with a smooth and delicately fruity character. This wine was produced with care and passion to be enjoyed by all.

Additional Information:

This wine was developed and designed by international acclaimed winemaker Dominic Rivard for Wild Berry Beverages Pvt. Ltd. And to be “The Best Choice for Fruit Wine Drinkers”.


The man who made India’s finest and purest fruit wine.

Dominic Rivard is a Winemaker, wine consultant, and the author of the Ultimate Fruit Winemaker's Guide. He is also involved in the wine industry as an award-winning commercial winemaker, who is passionate about wines, especially of the "non-grape" variety.

He was born in the province of Quebec, Canada and comes from a rich heritage of farmers and entrepreneurs, whose ancestry can be traced to the cider making regions of North-Western France. He is the founding director of the Fruit Wines of Canada Association, which is involved in promoting wines and its industry throughout Canada.

Although he evidently recognized India to be a Whisky, Rum, and Beer drinking country, he also set his mind on making a fine wine in India and thereby breaking a norm which says "India cannot make wine."


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